A Medium Reader’s Perspective

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Maybe you’re doing your reading all wrong.

If you’re forever complaining about the quality of what’s available on Medium then I’m sure you’re doing your reading all wrong.

Because I find gold here and the algorithm keeps sending more my way.

Okay, it’s not all gold. There are shiny semi-precious…

Writer Bio

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Short and Sweet

She, her. Writer. Ex-doctor. Ex-Catholic. Ex-Muslim. So what?

Writing personal essays, social and political commentary, novels, book reviews and god-knows-what-else.

What life experience though? Born in England, grew up in the Caribbean. Medicine, sales, multi-level marketing, migration, depression, dyslexia, marriage, faith, faithlessness.

Oh wait! I’m a parent too, raising three…


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Americans have a whole Marriage-Infidelity-Industrial-Complex, but elsewhere in the world people are like ‘meh, shit happens!’

Think infidelity is the same for homo sapiens everywhere on Terra Firma? Think again!

Japan! France! Russia! South Africa! Expectations, behaviours, responses and outcomes really do vary!

I read this relatively benign story here…

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On the outskirts of London one weekday afternoon

The policeman moves his vehicle to the left, his flashing lights and siren on briefly as he blocks my way. He slams his car door shut and strides towards me.

I groan inwardly as my window slides down. How long is this going to take? …

A Comedy of Errors

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Dear Literary Agents,

This is a confession letter. I plead guilty.

I confess to the trail of errors I’ve made in my humble submissions to you. I’ve committed all these submission sins and may yet commit many more.

You’ll find my list incredible. Sure, you’ve received one of my errors…

That Work-In-Progress

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She said she had serious de-motivation issues.

I felt her pain, clicked the reply button and began tapping away. I hope my story encouraged her. Perhaps it will even encourage you.

Writing is re-writing — and sometimes that’s easier said than done.

Dear Sunita,

When I submitted my second draft for a professional manuscript review I was fully expecting a pat…

Story Second Chances

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The best bit about watching this movie was the idea emerging for me, while I sat there, in awe at that the things we do for love!

The idea became this article:

But though by then I knew ‘how to’ write a decent Medium article and I gave it my…


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This article started off as a Series on Medium, before Medium gave up Series posts altogether. I was new to Medium back then and when I realised nobody read Series posts, I put all the series ‘cards’ together into an article that read like a rant.

I quite liked it…

Thank you for your thoughtful reply. Someone else on another thread shared with me a link about what Critical Race Theory means, shortly after I asked you the question (by chance, as I happened to read another article referencing the subject): https://www.americanbar.org/groups/crsj/publications/human_rights_magazine_home/civil-rights-reimagining-policing/a-lesson-on-critical-race-theory/

I expect you've come across this article linked…


Stories from my life journey. Money. Religion. Sexuality. Kids. Therapy. Books. Writing and Novel writing. Being Human in Our World. In no particular order.

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