That Work-In-Progress

The race isn’t for the swiftest but for those who endure

She said she had serious de-motivation issues.

I felt her pain, clicked the reply button and began tapping away. I hope my story encouraged her. Perhaps it will even encourage you.

Writing is re-writing — and sometimes that’s easier said than done.

Dear Sunita,

When I submitted my second draft for a professional manuscript review I was fully expecting a pat…

When a Luddite doesn’t have a wallet

And no exceptions for Do-Gooders either

So my car trunk was filled with toys. I’d spent six hours sorting unloved hard plastic, and putting it all into labelled bags.

There were hundreds of plastic dinosaurs, animals and miscellaneous figures; tea set things; bucket, spade and sand mold things; Ben-10 things; balls of various shapes and sizes…

Writer Bio

Short and sweet at a glance, then the full course at your leisure

Short and Sweet

She, her. Writer. Ex-doctor. Ex-Catholic. Ex-Muslim. So what?

Writing personal essays, social and political commentary, novels, book reviews and god-knows-what-else.

What life experience though? Born in England, grew up in the Caribbean. Medicine, sales, multi-level marketing, migration, depression, dyslexia, marriage, faith, faithlessness.

Oh wait! I’m a parent too, raising three…

Story Second Chances

Why didn’t this take off?

The best bit about watching this movie was the idea emerging for me, while I sat there, in awe at that the things we do for love!

The idea became this article:

But though by then I knew ‘how to’ write a decent Medium article and I gave it my…


My passion has been wasted! Why didn’t this take off?

This article started off as a Series on Medium, before Medium gave up Series posts altogether. I was new to Medium back then and when I realised nobody read Series posts, I put all the series ‘cards’ together into an article that read like a rant.

I quite liked it…

Thank you for your thoughtful reply. Someone else on another thread shared with me a link about what Critical Race Theory means, shortly after I asked you the question (by chance, as I happened to read another article referencing the subject):

I expect you've come across this article linked…

We Have No Fuel

For the Unbelievers

First I read about it on the Umair Haque Daily Doom Report. Fifty claps I gave him, and all before I drove out there myself.

Monday morning. No traffic. Ghost town roads. It was like driving into an alternate universe. Who says you need a Covid lockdown to reduce air pollution?

Automobile drivers were trying to conserve the petrol they have, what with newspaper front pages screaming 90% of petrol stations have no petrol. …

Practical suggestion for new writers gathering their 100 for the MPP programme: don’t just start following people. Write something and let your profile make it clear that you’ll be writing.

I’ll tell you why. When I get a rush of followers without any evidence that they’ve read anything of mine…


Stories from my life journey. Money. Religion. Sexuality. Kids. Therapy. Books. Writing and Novel writing. Being Human in Our World. In no particular order.

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