(Author's own photo. Just me. No filters, no touch-ups. No make-up. No need)

- I'm a human being, not a brand. I understand the human need for labels and boxes but bristle against the expectation to show mine off like badges.

- If you run into me often enough, you'll find I'll tell you, over time, very casually, who I am. - Friendship is the stuff a good life is made of. Loyalty is dangerous though. Give me honesty and integrity over loyalty any day.

- I wish I had more courage. But what I lack in courage, I make up for in recklessness and authenticity. Or maybe not. There's no substitute for courage.

- Plain Talk Bad Manners is never intentionally rude. (Ironic but true)

- I'm an ex-doctor, ex-Catholic, ex-Muslim, wife, and parent of three but actually, those facts by themselves tell you little about me. Though you can infer as you please.

- With all those 'ex-s' what's plain to see is I believe in change.

- I believe individuals and societies can change, and embracing a vision for change beats being forced into change every time.

- Any idea can be communicated if the communicator has the skills. But radical change requires a lot more than a single leader with the gift of the gab: planning, data, feedback, ongoing communication, integrity, trust, a clear vision. But I digress.

I've written a novel and I'm seeking an agent. For now.

Life is short. Live well.

Author's own photo. Taken at the local hairdressers' with permission. The artwork was purchased from a local shop which no longer exists. It was called Art Rebellion Café. If I can find out the name of the artist I promise you I'll include it.

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