End All Wars. That’s What Leevan Would Do.

But wait, Leevan! What about your own medical treatment?

6 min readFeb 18, 2024


Leevan in a blue Trail Trekkers TT shirt with his name on it. His back faces us and he sits on a stool with the Trinidad and Tobago flag at the top of the stool. The stool is near the edge of a precipice and he’s facing the sea on a cloudy day.
Image of Leevan, used with permission

For nearly a year now, Leevan has been sitting on a precipice, on the edge between life and death. My mind hits a wall when I try to imagine what that feels like, just knowing from month to month that you might not make it.

Leevan’s spent nearly six hours at the Haematology Clinic today. I imagine that must be depressing — to share a room with fellow life passengers burdened with cancers and other conditions of the blood and lymphatic systems, sentenced by luck to an uncertain future.

Leevan tells me he finds these clinic visits humbling. For all his difficulties, he observes there are others suffering more than him.

I’m raising funds for Leevan Solomon, so he can have the bone marrow transplant he needs.

On January 8th 2024, I interviewed Leevan, so we — both myself and you — can get to know him better.

From the prime of his life to fighting for life.

Leevan tells me it was a group of friends, including a cousin of mine, who got him into fitness. They started off running, then working out at the gym. Leevan developed his love of fitness and trained as a…




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