Lol. I tend to disagree with you. His ongoing and intended work will be painful for his family. The public image of the Royal Family has been carefully managed for years. Silence has been a key strategy: people can say what they like but if we always act with dignity and don't confirm or deny, then it's all gossip. Harry is throwing that out the window and for them he's like a wild card.

But quite possibly, the outcome of his 'work' for those in the wider public who are paying attention, will be to increase self-awareness and awareness of just how much emotional work many of us need to do to live better, healthier lives and to support our loved ones in living better, healthier lives also.

If we approach what he has to say from the point of view of: he shouldn't even or he damn well should, then we might miss the value in what's being expressed.

As another writer here, Shannon Ashley expresses, when we talk about shameful actions and experiences in order to educate or explore them, we risk being shamed for the offence of shaming others.

But silence can be so dangerous. The conversations we have now, around subjects that used to be taboo, are opening the way to an emotionally and mentally healthier society for everyone.

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