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Short and sweet at a glance, then the full course at your leisure

Author’s own photo, edited by the Prisma app. At Maracas beach, 2018

Short and Sweet

To dye or not to dye? Everybody who loves me has an opinion. But I’ve told the naysayers get thee behind me.

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Thunder, lightning and earthquakes could not break it

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The Super Power Manifests

LQBTQIA+/Historical fiction

In Spirited, Julie Cohen explores this and much more

Permission to use this photo granted by author Julie Cohen

The Art of the Lie


How the idea of 1000 creative hours grew on me

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And what to do about it

Do Say:

I should have switched off my head and followed my intuition

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Under His Expert Guidance, I Typed My Way Straight into His Scam


Stories from my life journey. Money. Religion. Sexuality. Kids. Therapy. Books. Writing and Novel writing. Being Human in Our World. In no particular order.

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